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Dedicated Portal

  • A fully-featured portal with a dedicated domain, your own logo and color theme. All your administrators, managers and buyers login into their own account.
  • We use Google servers as our host. Our response times are almost instant. (Some of our clients create 50,000+ receipts and invoices a year. Their page processing times are negligible.)
  • Our software is compatible with all major browsers (Firefox, Edge, Chrome and Safari). It is also compatible with almost all devices (Desktop, iPad, iPhone and Android phones). We have 35% traffic from cell phones!

Users & Access

  • Multi-role user management: admins, mangers, users, receivers, etc.
  • Enable or block users. Send custom welcome emails when a user is vetted. Upgrade users to whatever role you desire. 
  • Each user can have as many aliases as they need. No two users can use the same alias.
  • Each user gets their own dashboard and capabilities. 
  • View user balance reports with activity and a running balance.

Inventory Control

  • Complete multi-warehouse inventory management.
  • Physical inventory counts with adjustments. Make sure nothing is missing.
  • Current and historical inventory value based on current or historical average cost.
  • Transfer inventory from warehouse to warehouse. Every receipt creates a movement. The movements are used to calculate the inventory. 


  • Manage active and inactive deals. Instruct users exactly how to purchase.
  • Show price to pay and commission.
  • We support 4 types of delivery: Drop Off, Pickup, Ship Direct & Order a Shipping Label


  • Receive items at easy-to-use and foolproof terminals.
  • Associate receipts to users with user ID or alias.
  • All receipts go through a verification process.
  • Once verified, users can either order an electronic check or a printed check.
  • For Pickup or Drop Off a check can be printed and handed over to the buyer.
  • Users can automatically ask for payments based on balance.
  • Batch create e-checks or printed checks.
  • Users cannot request money above their balance or below a specified minimum amount per check.

Customer Support

  • We integrate with for chat.
  • We integrate with for bulk emails.
  • In addition, we have a ticket system. Both users and administrators can create tickets. Great for returns, shipping labels, etc. 
  • You rarely need to communicate with your buyers on the phone any more, except for sales of course. The support is great and enables you to accumulate vast numbers of vendors and customers.

Groups & Bulk Email

  • Associate all users into live groups. For example: all users in New York with a balance. 
  • Then create an email template using variables for the user fields.
  • Send in the background vast number of emails.
  • Text, Email or Whatsapp directly through our system.




  • We take security very seriously. 
  • All data communications (JSON requests) are encrypted.
  • We require SSL certificates (either your own or ours).
  • You can turn on 2-Step Verification with SMS Text/Email for all new IPs.
  • All logins are tracked.
  • Our servers are hosted on Google. We try to implement every security technique available.




We are absolutely committed to making our customers happy. We pride ourselves with customer care. We want customers that care about their data.

–Daniel Melul (CEO of SELLERSPEED)


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